Name: Haddie Carlson
Age: 17
College: Central Michigan University 

What does XR Training mean to you:
XR Training helped improve my skills and comfort with the ball on my foot. Xavi really takes the time to help players individually and corrects mistakes instantly. Foot skills are what separates good players from great players, which is why XR Training focuses mainly on improving that aspect of the game.  

Why would you tell young players to participate in XR Training:
I would 110% recommend XR Training to players because it helps improve your game  tremendously.  Xavi focuses on taking players to the next level that most coaches can't take their players to. 

Name: Kylie Sprecher 

Age: 18

College: Marquette University 


What does XR training mean to you: 

It was a privilege to be able to train with Xavi as much as I had been able to. While I played for Lake Country United and SC Waukesha soccer clubs,  Xavi was a coach at both and training with him was something I always looked forward to. He saw the potential I had and still have when it came to soccer and always pushed me to be better than I was in the previous trainings. After I switched clubs to play in Illinois, I continued to seek out training with Xavi whenever I could because of how much I enjoyed it. He focused on the technical skills as well as the game as a whole in order to help me become a better all around player. His trainings were never easy, but if they were easy, everyone would be able to do it. I walked into every session expecting a challenge and walked out knowing I'd been pushed closer to reaching my potential. Xavi knows how to push players to be their best while keeping in mind why we all start playing in the first place: for the love of the game. 


Why would you tell young players to participate in XR trainings? 

The younger a player starts out with Xavi, the greater their potential will be. It's important to learn and practice technical skills from a young age in order to keep getting better as you get older. Xavi knows how to take the younger players and shape them into what makes potential college players and beyond. The more time and knowledge you can gain from training with Xavi, the greater chance of success you'll have in the future. 

Matheus Fernandes

Age: 18



When someone asks me what XR training means to me I respond with three simple things. Hard-work, ingenuity, and world class training. Coming from someone who has good conditioning I still find myself winded at the end of XR trainings. You work hard but you have fun doing it. XR trainings are all about making you a better player, which means that your always learning new ways to get around your opponent and making quick decisions under pressure. XR trainings is a definite word class training program that everyone should be in to develop their skills and get them to the next level. 


Why would you tell young players to participate in XR Training:

The earlier the better. I've trained with Xavi for only three years but wished I would have started earlier. It's clear to tell who's been training with the XR program as they tend to stand out more than others. The earlier you start the more you'll develop. 

Name: Azael Flores

Age: 19 

School: Univeristy of Wisconsin Milwaukee 


What does XR Training mean to you? 

For me XR Training means a lot for to me. From the moment Xavi started training me the importance of training kept going up every time. There was never a time where I said this isn't helping. Everyday we learned new things and improved on the things we needed to get better at. Every time I heard Xavi say, "let's get to work" that is exactly what he meant. Everyone knew we had to work hard everyday at training. He pushed me and he pushed everyone else. Most importantly he gave me the confidence to push myself. No matter what my level of soccer was there was always room for improvement. 


Why would you tell young players to participate in XR training? 

I would honestly recommend XR training to young players because they get pushed in training. Xavi was a mentor for me and I learned a plethora of things from him, on and off the field. I assure you that you will not regret participating in XR training. The environment is so nice. Positive attitude everywhere starting with Xavi himself. He gets the players ready to go and reminds of them of their dreams in becoming great stars. Those dreams begin and are created at XR training.