Xavi's passion for futbol began at an early age.  Kicking the ball around with neighborhood kids turned into club soccer earning him a scholarship to University and then on to a professional career in Milwaukee.  The eldest of three children and the only son,  Xavi's parents instilled and expected a great deal of responsibility and success from him. His father came from humble beginnings and showed by example the benefits of hard work and going above and beyond expectations to be successful and provide what was needed. His mother had a privileged upbringing and saw the importance of perfection and presenting a high standard,  whether in regards to the home, child-rearing, academics, or extracurricular activities. With these two large influences in his life, Xavi demanded this from himself as well. His coaches also had an influence his life, three in particular stand out and he took their best qualities and applied it to the person he is today.  One had great technical skills and knowledge, one had high standards and expected much from the players and the third coached for the love and passion of futbol.  With all of these factors,  Xavi still believed  he never reached his full potential as a player and began to question what he could have done differently and what he could do to impact upcoming players to reach their full potential. The drive for success, passion for the game and finding his purpose led him to coach during his off time while playing professionally. On the pitch with the young players is where he realized his dream and vision.  He wanted to impact the sport of soccer one player at a time, one team at a time, one field at a time. That in turn has led to one club at a time and now one state at a time. 


Being an immigrant and starting from scratch, Xavi  has had obstacles thrown in every direction. Theses obstacles motivated him even more and he faced  them head-on and gained success and respect from fellow colleagues and coaches. He envisioned a training program that encouraged players to develop technical foot skills that would allow them become so comfortable with the ball that during play the moves with the ball would be second nature.  Bringing in other coaches who shared his vision was the next step.  These XR Amigos hustle everyday in their own environment and their own styles then when they come together for a training and everything flows into a cohesive program....that is XR! Everyone shares the same mentality and remembers why they got into soccer and coaching, ultimately, for the young players.  This is the training Xavi wished was around when he was learning the beloved sport of futbol.  

Xavi's  hard work earned him regional coach of the year and led to US Youth Soccer national coach of the year in 2016. After a successful coaching career in Milwaukee with many players earning scholarships to Division 1 schools and teams earning state titles, Xavi was given the opportunity to join a Storm in  Colorado. Seeing this as the next step in his vision to share his passion and expertise with players he again started from scratch in Colorado.  

XR Soccer Training sessions are filled with hard-work, high expectations, lots of repetitions, perseverance and in the end an intensified passion for the game and increased confidence with their skill. Sessions are filled with Latin music that pumps up the players and coaches, making the intense training fly by.  This is the purpose that his grandfather told him at a young age that he was going to do great things.  His passion and work ethic are contagious to anyone around him and he sets the standard high, motivating his players to exceed their own expectations.  


That is XR.