This trip is for players 2004-2005 who have shown their work ethic, skill, intensity and positive attitude throughout XR Soccer Trainings and who will grow and experience the international culture of soccer in ways that will last a lifetime. It is a selective process and an invite only opportunity. 

Carlos "Cacho" Cordoba has been taking groups of players from Milwaukee, Colorado and DC for the past 7 years to his home country of Argentina.  He has an extensive history and successful soccer career playing with Boca Jrs, the National Team and alongside Maradona and other soccer legends.  He has not only been a close friend of mine for many years, but a mentor and a large part of where I am at today.  

We are taking one group of players made up of players from Colorado, Wisconsin and DC to have the opportunity to train, scrimmage and learn from one of the leading soccer countries in the world. It will be enough for 11v11 so they will all have plenty of playing time and personal training time.  To be honest, they will be dying at the end of this academy. This is not a tournament, but instead a chance to see what goes on behind the scenes in one of the best soccer countries in the world.  Argentina consistently produces players with the goal of being recruited all over the world.  This is how they fund their own country's programs and since they are a very important and integral part of soccer, this process is successful and lucrative for them.  


  • July 20-28, 2019

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • $2300/player NOT including flight

  • Invite only by XR Soccer Training

  • Trip Coordinators: Xavi Rico and Cacho Cordoba

  • MKE meeting with Cacho once invitations have been accepted

  • CO meeting with Xavi once invitations have been accepted, Cacho will possibly fly out if there is enough registrations

During the Academy week, players will be:

  • Staying in a secure, gated training facility with 24 hour staff and security.  This is where visiting teams from around the world stay and train

  • We will have access to our own 2 fields to train and have friendly matches with local clubs

  • When training/scrimmaging with larger clubs, we will travel to their facility

  • 24 hour chartered bus for our use anytime

  • chef to prepare 4 meals/day based around our schedule and preferences

  • Trainer and chaperones with the players 24 hours 

  • Minimum of 5 friendlies/scrimmages

  • Professional training sessions on the days there are no games

  • Tickets to a professional match based on schedule

  • Opportunity to watch a professional practice

  • Tour of Buenos Aires and Boca Jrs. Stadium

  • Communication with parents and families daily with updates and schedule

Parents are welcome to travel to Buenos Aires, however, only players and staff are allowed at the training facility.  We are working on finding a hotel option for families.  Flights can be booked on your own if you would like to use miles, discounts, etc.   If there is enough interest in a group flight we will work with an agent for a group rate.  Last year we had a total of 6 parents travel, the communication director was updating families daily so parents could feel connected and apart of the experience.

In the past, I have coached teams for 7 years straight, starting with them when they were 10 years old and sending them off to play college soccer.  We spent much time and money traveling to tournament all over the US.  I wish opportunity would have been available to them at that time.  What we spent in travel and tournament costs to go to tournaments where it was the same experience time after time, we could have gone to another country several times and experience a completely new and different approach which would have changed their outlook on soccer as a whole.  This is a raw, true experience of the beautiful game that I strongly recommend, especially with Cacho as the coordinator.  This is a personal and one of kind event that no other program or tour group can coordinate.