I started playing futbol at 3 years old at home with my dad, I then started playing on teams until I played in the highest category in U19 in Spain. My country loves soccer and it is a very important part of our life. I have had the opportunity to work in big clubs like Atletico de Madrid and Real Madrid, in addition to training in many countries in the world, which will make you see that soccer is the best sport in the world!

Xavi Rico is a good friend and a great professional of soccer. I have joined XR Soccer Training because I believe in the training methodology, I have the same philosophy of life and training as XR and I want to join a project with a future in the USA. I recommend XR Soccer Training to all who want to have a good/Pro soccer experience. My goal is to work on talent at all levels. Training with an integral methodology. It is very important that the player understands the game and plays intelligently, as well as working out their technical-tactical skills. Work the player in his specific position and within the team's way of play.

My Education in Training Methodology, Coaching and Physical Training of High Performance, in addition to Organization and Sports Management, added to my experience on projects in different countries with different cultures and ways of working, this placed me to lead Sports Projects from High Performance Training, from anywhere in the world.